Saturday, July 08, 2006

Our First ORGANIZED Trip to NYC

So, after our last trip to the city (which ended up with the both of us sitting in front of the library, with arms crossed and huffing away), it was time for us to get organized, and to actually have a plan before venturing back to the best city in the world.

So, I turned to my resourceful girls from my forum and was recommended this. For those who are extremely into shopping (i.e. Moi), this is like the treasure map to shopping in NYC! Notice that it only has certain areas in the city (namely, areas that would cause your credit card to go into overdrive, and your significant partner to break out into a cold sweat because wifey over here is hyperventilating at all the gorgeous displays & goods). So, being the 'kiasu' person that I am, I printed off all of them (using the office printer, mind you), and sneaked back into my cubicle and proceeded to lay each of them out and taped them all together (again, by using office supplies). And voila! A new, informative map that not only shows us a detailed view of the streets in Manhattan, but also where the metro stations, restaurants, museums, landmarks are. More importantly, it also has the more important information that other maps sorely lack: where all the good shops are located. =D
Today, to celebrate Father's Day (apparently having a puppy gives one the right to be called a parent, along with all its fringe 'benefits'), of course my dear husband would want to go down to New York City and inhale all its glorious dust. So we hopped on the Metro, landed in the Grand Central, and started our day.

First stop: Lunch (hey, I was hungry and whiny...If there's something that can shut me up - at least, literally - is to have me a whole mouth of hot food!) Went to this place called Burger Heaven - pretty cool decor, but was not that impressed with the staff. Food was decent

Next: The Central Park Zoo.
Yes, there's an actual zoo in the middle of this concrete jungle, complete with live wild animals.(Where do you think the animals from the movie 'Madagascar' were from??)

Anyhoo, me being the animal enthusiast, I went completely gaga there...yes, I was pushing and shoving along with all the LITTLE kids for a good viewing spot...hey, just because you're 5 doesn't give you more of a right to be in a prime nose-pressing-against-the-glass position!

My favourite was the polar bear, who appears to be a creature of habit since he was swimming from point A to point B the whole time we were there (for, oh...about 30 minutes) Lucky for my husband, since he apparently lacks the whole hand-eye coordination thing...For goodness sake, that bear is already helping you by being in the same spot every 20 can you miss it???!!

I'm wearing: Tara Jarmon for Target babydoll dress, Chanel 5087-H sunglasses, Gucci Horsebit Hobo bag

After the zoo, we took a cab (yes, a cab...for the first and last time ever) down over to SOHO for me to oogle at some Balenciagas...Sadly, I couldn't find the one I was lusting over. Ah well...

In the process of finding the Chinese dim sum restaurant we were going to for dinner, we got a little.....lost. And John was no help as he was too busy laughing at me...Apparently I was an amusing sight...hmph!

We finally said "forget it" to finding a Metro station and just walked all the way from SOHO to Chelsea. At least we got to see the infamous Magnolia Bakery (from Sex & the City)...Next time, we'll actually take the time to line up around the block to get our hands on the cupcakes...

When we were making our way back to the Grand Central, we stumbled upon Times Square. It was John's first time there, and yes, I said "stumbled"...Even though I've been there before, I'm so directionally challanged that for me to land up where I want to land up is always a surprise. Put me in a mall, however....