Monday, April 30, 2012

I Lie

I said I wasn't going to get anymore plants...I lied.

How could I resist this?


They look like tiny Chinese red lanterns! 

These are fuchsia. I had no idea that there were fuchsia flowers, I thought it was only a type of color. Found them at a local farm 2 minutes from my house. 

And the owner very kindly showed me her personal garden when I mentioned that I love hydrangeas. She has a gorgeous garden filled with lilac trees, a climbing hydrangea that was making itself up the wall of her house, wisterias hanging down from an alcove...gorgeous!!

Can you tell that I have an obsession with all things garden now?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ignorance was Bliss

This is a closeup of the flowers that are blooming on the tree outside.

Today, you would have found me trying to get the shade garden landscape done around the base of the tree


Halfway through digging and putting down weed blocking fabric and mulch, I suddenly got really concerned about the possibility of hurting, suffocating, ruining the tree. That's the problem with me...I like to go to point A to point B in the quickest possible manner, but halfway through, will suddenly stop and think of "hmm...perhaps this may not be the best idea..." I've researched the type of plants that do well under shaded areas that only get sunlight in the morning hours, but did not really think about researching the tree itself.

Which led to frantic google-ing. And asking the guy at the home improvement store. And spending hours on the computer. And finally concluding to the fact that I have a flowering pear tree out there. It is most likely a Bradford, and with almost all the information I've read, I might as well chop it down right now. Weak wood that leads to breakage, suckers that will take over the yard (those wooded shoots sticking out from the roots of the tree that I thought were kinda pretty...hah), toppling over...ARRGGHHH!!!!

However, we went through a few major storms last year, and I don't particularly remember too much damage...Isabel's swing was attached to one of the branches, for crying out successfully swung a 30lb toddler up and down, up and down for how many times?...Although I am probably now jinxing myself......double ARGGHHHH!!

I give up. That's the last of the plants I'll buy this year. If everything survives and thrives successfully through until next year, we'll start again.

I'll continue with the garden beds definition and trying to convert some parts of the yard to patio/stone tiles, and of course, trying to get the durn front lawn growing, but that's it.

To end on a slightly more cheerful note, I did cut some of the tulips that were growing in the wilder side of the yard. This is the first time ever where I've "harvested" a flower that I've actually planted. I kinda liked it (although making the first cut almost scared all courage out of me)


They bloomed beautifully after spending a few hours indoors

But were shut up tight again the next morning (I left the bathroom window open to let the cool air in as that supposedly lets the cut flowers survive longer)

It's like they went back to sleep.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Garden Again

Because it's her birthday and she asked for flower pictures

My tulips are starting to look a little bedraggled from all the rain we are having...I think it may be time to cut them and bring them into the house before they start to completely fall apart. Or before they get snapped off by some woodland creature, like what happened to the tulips in another garden bed

Note: hostas are fine now...=p 


These are starting to really grow too...I believe they are called hyacinths? These are called Muscari


And my gorgeous, gorgeous flowering tree that was there when we bought the house...I have no idea what type of tree it is, but I love it.


 I want to make a shade garden bed at the area around the tree...just transplanted some of the hostas to the base today. Lets hope I did not/will not hurt the tree when I dig...eek!

All the pretty flowers...that will litter my yard with its petals during fall


Grand plans in my head. Execution and maintenance may be a bit more shaky....We'll see what happens.

Happy birthday, Auntie Yee Yee/Aunt Pe Pe! We love you!

And a random poser Izzy picture to finish off:

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time to Bring out the Shovels

My backyard is the bane of my existance. Along with the front yard.

 Looking at it is enough to rile me up, and you can see why...uggghhhh!


This year is the year to start turning it around. My grandmother was very, very passionate about her garden, and when she passed away last year, I really wanted to try and cultivate a garden that she would be proud of. Plus, it would stop me from feeling embarassed of having the trashyard of the neighbourhood.

After a weekend of work, a real flower bed is defined:


Excuse the peeling garage. That's another to-do on this summer's list.

Lets just hope that the plants florish...Isabel was in on the action


Tulips that I planted last fall with mom and brother are coming up! I'm still surprised that it actually took root! There is hope yet for this black thumb!


Saturday, April 07, 2012

Bathroom Pretties


After 2 months or so, my upstairs bathroom is in full working order again. Woo hoo!


Still bummed that the matching pedestal sink was too big for my dinky bathroom. =(

Photobucket Photobucket

Loading up the bathroom with pretties help ease the disappointment.

Zoom out a little, and we'll get a more realistic view of life with the bright plastic kid stuff littering the room, the overflowing trashcan and the toilet brush.

I need to get a new light fixture.
And a toilet paper holder.
And a clock, since I'm always underestimating the time I need to look presentable.

But I am just glad that I can move all my stuff back upstairs.

And that I can start using the clear cube organizers that was purchased months ago.

Muji 5 drawer clear cube for makeup and jewelry

I  have an obsession with lipsticks, if you can't tell. 


Looking at this particular drawer makes me happy =)

Monday, April 02, 2012


It's Sunday morning and we just woke up not too long ago, and I can hear quite a ruckus going on in Isabel's room, with lots of grunts and "ouch" exclamations.

Then she came out looking like this and said, ""


She's getting dressed all by herself, but typically have a harder time putting on the shirt. She cracks me up so bad sometimes.


There -- all set.

That night, as I was tucking her into bed, she cuddled close to me and said:

Izzy: Momma, I need a sister or brother to play with...

Me: .........I know, dear. I'm sorry.

Izzy: So you need to buy me one so I can play with a sister or a brother. Or I can take Lukey* and he can be my brother 

*Lukey is her best friend (Mandy's) little brother

If only it were that easy, my dear.