Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Nonsense


Momma: Please don't scratch my floor with that.
Izzy: But I'm old....... 

Driving home after picking Isabel up from daycare on Monday:
Izzy: Momma, I want a baby sister to come out of your belly
Momma: Out of my belly? But how is it going to get there?
Izzy: It already is in there!
Momma: Oh, really?
Izzy: Yeah! She'll come out in (after??) a long time.,,,,she'll come out on Thursday. 
Momma: !!

Isabel with the baby carrier that her "baby sister" is going to sit in. For now, her stuffed dog will have to do.


Isabel will be a flower girl for a friend's wedding soon and I was introducing the concept of her walking down the aisle all by herself

Izzy: I'll be walking down all by myself, Momma?  
Momma: Yes, but I'll be waiting on the other end for you
Izzy: It is for a wedding? Is it my wedding?
Momma: No, it's not your wedding
Izzy: When will it be my wedding?
Momma: when you're a big girl and find someone to marry
Izzy: I have to find someone to marry? I can't marry you, Momma? 
Momma: No, you can't
Izzy: I don't want to marry Prince Charming
Momma: no? Then who do you want to marry? A frog *snicker*? A DRAGON?? 
Izzy: No! Not a dragon! I want to marry.....a kangaroo. One that doesn't talk. I only want it to hop.  

A few days later, as she was getting dressed for daycare in her room, I hear her yell out to me:

Momma, when I am going to marry the baby kangaroo? That joey...thing...?

Oh dear....

Monday, August 27, 2012


One of the things I like to do now that Isabel is older, is that when there's a little person's birthday party to attend, we will try to incorporate something "homemade" into the gift.

For little boys, that generally encompasses just a card, because I don't "get" little boys. There's nothing fabric related that I could think of that would potentially interest the kid. There was a good idea of making a cape and a mask, but I was too lazy. Perhaps next time.

(NOTE: Speaking of superhero capes-- just read this post about the U.S Cape Crusader Challenge. I am going to try and do it)

So on the morning of the party, Isabel and I will typically hang out in the reading/craft room of the house. I *TRY* not to coerce her to do things the "right" way, but....lets just say I have lots of room for improvement.

This time around, she just told me what to draw. And what colors to use.

And then she put on the finishing touches.

So here we have it...a picture of a house, with a car.

And on the back, a pond...with frogs. And a squirrel on the tree


And little Gavin in the pond...

 I felt compelled to tell the mother of the birthday boy that. Just so she knows, before she sees the card.

On another less morbid note, my butterfly bush was flourishing and attracting lots of butterflies

 Aren't they gorgeous? This is probably my favorite part of gardening --- the wildlife that it attracts. It makes me happy to see little bumblebees buzzing around the foxgloves and butterflies fluttering away

 Then I moved the bush (I didn't space it enough when I first planted it a few months ago) and it is flourishing a lot less. "Wilted" is a more appropriate word. But I will revive it back to its former glory.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Water Play

I found a water slide on clearance for $4 at Target. Sold.
It was perfect for a hot day.
I even had a few rounds on it myself.
 A happy girl.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sleepy Times

Isabel had a friend's birthday party to go to yesterday. I always like it when it's a girl's party -- girl stuff are so much more fun!


I felt like making something as well to accompany the doll her friend was getting. 

I've always loved Pottery Barn Kids' Shaggy Dog's sleeping bag, and actually had aspirations to make one. I noticed that they came out with a mini-me version for their dolls, so decided to see if I can bumble my way through making something like that

Mine is about half the size of the PBK, to fit the Cabbage Patch doll that she was getting


Hello Kitty trying out the finished product

 To me, it is a successful item when Isabel asked if I can make one for her when it was her birthday. 

I want to try to make a different animal instead --- a cat, or perhaps a rabbit? 

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

More Randomness

In Costco - Izzy was in the shopping cart and I wandered a few steps down the aisle. When I got back to the cart:

Izzy: Momma -- you were in the lady's way. So she moved the shopping cart.
Momma - Oh yea? Did she say anything to you?
Izzy: No...she just smiled at me because I'm cute


In the liquor section of Costco:

Izzy: Momma, why are we in here with lots of bottles?
Momma: Because I need....something.
Izzy: Oh, o-kaaay...Don't go crazy.


Before getting into the car, I got distracted by some errant weeds in the flowerbed and removed them

In the car, I used some hand sanitizer

Izzy: What did you touch, momma?
Momma: Dirt
Izzy: Oh...I didn't touch anything. I was already in the car. Waiting.....for true love
Momma: ..........................!!!! 



Keeping with the princess theme:

Izzy: I don't want to be called Izzy anymore -- my name is Ariel. Because I don't like the name Izzy. So you have to call me Ariel now.

Words she mispronouces:

Forehead - few-head 
(she probably gets it from "fever", because you will check the forehead for a fever) 

Yellow - lel-low

Remember - be-bem-ber

Words that she pronounces normally now, but has stayed in my heart:

Bathtub - tub tub
Bicycle - i-ca-ble


Izzy: Momma -- you need to have a baby in your tummy so I can have a sister