Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Elf-ette on the Shelf: Day 3

Once again, she left her previous post without cleaning up her mess...


And appeared in the kitchen this morning, with sparkler in hand. Guess she is ready for the long holiday weekend? 

I feel the same way, Charlie.

Birthday, Part One

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that to kick my butt into high gear to finally tackle the half finished projects in the house, there needs to be a very definite deadline to get things done.

So I threw a party.

 photo IMG_4917_zps7c73d1ba.jpg

Isabel is turning five this year.

And since the big party will be in Malaysia this year, I had a small one earlier at the house.

 photo IMG_4918_zpsa54563ef.jpg

And invited some of her closest friends from her daycare whom she has not seen much of since starting kindergarten this fall

 photo IMG_4957_zpsbdee6d52.jpg

It makes the heart warm to see all of them together again
And something to note, almost 5 years olds are VERY noisy when they reunite.
Especially when they are all girls.

 photo 6041c73c-6bd9-4f96-bca4-91f86360ec43_zps127d12ff.jpg

All in all, it was fun.

The guest list was small enough for me to have time to pay attention to the presentation details and DIY crafts and decorations that I have seen on the web and thought, "Oh, that is such a fantastic idea!"

 photo IMG_4952_zps9d7b5148.jpg

The study/library worked exactly as I envisioned it when I was planned the room -- it was perfect for hosting a sit-down meal. 

 photo IMG_4915_zps7c4e7263.jpg 
2014 resolution: If my friends and family lived close by, I am sure that it would be a frequent occurrence, but I need to break out of my comfort zone and invite people over for meals (although I may want to leave the actual food cooking to the experts!)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Elf-ette on the Shelf: Day 2

Isabel has a tendency to sneak into my bedroom in the middle of the night.

Last night, she crept in and said, "Momma...Charlie is GONE!" (from the bathroom)
Indeed...she was... (without cleaning up her lipstick scribble first, the little rascal)

We found her the next morning, settled into the doll trailer after her first exhausting night going to and from the North Pole...

Catching up on her favorite Christmas books after having what I assume was a bowl of hearty was licked clean, so I can only guess.

Isabel, checking out her hidey-hole

Instagram: #adventuresofCharlietheElf

Monday, November 25, 2013

Elf-ette on the Shelf: Day 1

Meet Charlie.

She is the little mischievous elf who has been assigned to Isabel by Santa. She will be reporting back to the big man on Isabel's behavior, to see if it Isabel deserves the items on her Christmas list, or if it warrants her a bag of coal.

The problem is, Charlie is a bit of a reprobate herself...

That first night, she decided that she needed to do something grand to grab Isabel's attention, seeing as it was the first time they were meeting each other.

The little stinker swung from the window over to the mirror to pen a greeting on the looking glass...with one of MY LIPSTICKS!

And here she is the next morning, looking all innocent and docile...

Except her little smirk gives it all away...