Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Someone found her feet...

Well, from her point of view, a more accurate statement would be "I know where my feet are...Have known it for awhile. There just wasn't a point to chew on it. Until the time where Mommy didn't feed me until 2 hours PAST MY FEEDING TIME, so I had to resort to other forms of nutrition"

While Mommy gorged herself on these:

Oh, where's the love?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tip of the Day

When purchasing a big item, say, an appliance or a piece of furniture, ensure that the item in question can fit through the door to get to the intended room.

Else you will have some annoyed delivery men in your hands...

Our new fridge.

A totally spontaneous purchase...We were minding our own business at Lowes, when we past a whole aisle of marked down appliances. This beauty was half off. Because there was a little ding on the side. We can live with that.

Now, it's proudly humming in our little kitchen. The amount of space that's available is crazy!! I put it to good use by filling an entire shelf with diet Coke.


Have a Seat...

A project that we worked on this past weekend...

I fell in love with this living room, especially with the fabric on the ottomans:

Images courtesy of Traditional Home

So I got my husband to build something similar for me...

Now, we have a place for guests to sit while they put on their shoes, and I have something fun and cheery to look at everytime I come into the house.

Meal-Time Entertainment

Apparently I'm a funny mommy ; )

Friday, July 10, 2009

Poor Baby...

We just started "Ferber-izing" Isabel (sleep training). And the poor thing hates it. This was how I found her last night when I went in to check on her. She fell asleep clutching the side of the crib, where she spent about a half hour crying and waiting for me to come back into the room to pick her up.
My poor baby.... =(

Trip Back Home (Part 1)

So, this past July 4th holiday, we made the trip back to Michigan (Hubby's hometown, where his mom and brother still resides). This would be Isabel's first debut to a lot of other family members, who have graciously made it a point to come visit. So needless to say, this vacation was highly anticipated in our household.

However, gone are the days where we can toss together two carry-on sized suitcases and be out the door. It would be so much easier if I can just pack Isabel up in a suitcase and be done with it.

However, she didn't think too highly of my idea....ah well...

But she did LOVE her big girl stroller though...she can now people-watch to her heart's content

As we reached the airport, we were all excited about Isabel's first flight (It's also her first trip away, now that I'm thinking about it), even stopping to take a cheesy picture to commemorate the occasion...

But as we went through the motions of getting checked in, we got the dreaded message...

"There has been a change in your flight details. Please see an associate"
Dum dum duummmm...Turns out that our flight was cancelled. Due to weather. And the earliest flight available won't be able to get us to our destination until 10pm the next night.

So....we did what any sane person would do. We drove. All 14 hours and 5 minutes of it (This is just one way, mind you) And guess what? The only "weather" we hit was an itty-bitty storm in eastern Pennslyvannia.

**To be continued**