Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another boring update....

*Cue sound for drumroll please* Ladies and gentlemen, my closet is done! Well…let me rephrase that…the closets for the hanging items are done. They've been built, painted and decked out with all my grubby belongings. And I won’t encourage you to examine them too closely because I got lazy after slopping on 20 coats of paint on each surface for the first one and a half closets…so the one that’s closest by the window is still grainy and rough…Hey, not my fault that my husband didn’t buy quality wood and that he didn’t sand it down first, right? At least, it’s in the corner so you can’t really see how bad it is. But so what if it took double the expense, and 4 times longer to build it, and the results are not as nice as those custom ones? I’m just glad that it’s done and it’s still 2007! Hahahahahahhahaa (Sorry, hunny!!)

Isn't it pretty? I (yes, "I" as in me with my own two bare hands with absolutely NO help from my significant other whatsoever...Just wanted to make sure that we are on the same page here....) painted the room a light blue - I envisioned it to be a calm light blue, but the color came out more like Baby Boy blue than anything...That first kid of mine better have a little weiner because there's no way that I'm going to repaint it!!!

And I was going to say, isn't it such a difference from what it was? Then I realized that I never did get around posting all my carefully complied pictures of the inside of the house in the last post! DUH! So sorry....See what getting old does to your brain?? It's a wonder that I remember to lock the door before I leave the house every morning!
So here they are (please bear in mind that these were taken shortly after we moved in, hence all the crap littering the place - not like I'm implying that it's much better right now...but you know...)

We'd pretty much only paid (some) attention to the study and the closet...What to do? I think I must have hit my head hard when I was young, because I have a screwed up sense of "items worth shopping" for...I have no issues spending $$ on clothes or anything fashion related, but when you tell me I have to spend $80 on a shelf for the study, and I'll hem and haw about it for at least a month before taking the plunge! So much so that when my vanity went on sale from $400 to $150, I took so long to decide to get it that the price went back to the original price. GRrrrrrrrr

JC Penney Mirrored Vanity Table

Ok, your two-second tour of what we’ve been up to these past few weeks (all smooshed together because we seriously do NOT live interesting lives....Any longer and you'll probably be falling asleep)

Week of 8/2 to 8/5

MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Although I don’t really appreciate the fact that I’m getting older (and therefore, my bones are starting to creak more, and my hair’s starting to fall out), I must say that it was quite a fun day!

Work colleagues made a big deal out of it (it was a little embarassing, actually, since I'm really not the type to should out "LOOK AT ME"...) but it was definitely fun to be fussed on.

I was wearing a Libertine for Target dress

And yes, I had TWO cakes...John went a little crazy there...I think it's because he thinks he's deprived of sweets and he's going to milk it as much as possible by saying "But hunny, these are for YOU" as he's gorging himself on the cakes.

Weekend of 8/11 – 8/12
We went down to Maryland for our last visit to Tommy and Margot’s before they ship out to Australia. Their house is almost all packed up, and John benefited with more gardening stuff.

Ethan is a big boy now! And the amazing thing is that he took to us quite readily and he got along famously with Buddy, who really is THE perfect size dog for little ones…It was adorable seeing them playing and running along together. Ethan would come bumpity-bump-bump down the stairs to the basement where we were residing just to follow Buddy (either that, or the egotistical side of me will say that it was me he’s looking for! *beams*)

Weekend of 8/18 – 8/19
Finally, a weekend where we can be alone, and do our mundane, normal, run-of-the-mill stuff which I love…Just the two of us (I’m a tad possessive, if you can’t tell). Absolutely loved it. Went to the park by the shoreline that's less than a mile from our house...That place is really hopping! All the oldies would come out and play...and when I say play, I really mean play...We have free concerts down there and one night, there was a Rod Stewart impressionist there, and this old man (complete with cane) was doing the boogie...Not a minute ago, he was shuffling around with his cane, and the next he's twisting and waving his stick around like he's Elvis! I think I almost died laughing!

Ok, until next time, else if I keep waiting to post this, it'd never get anywhere!

Friday, January 19, 2007

NYC - Pre Christmas

Sorry, it’s been awhile since the last time this was updated….But since I was back home HOME, I was too busy enjoying myself to sit in front of the computer. (I save that for my boring life over in the States…*sigh*) Plus, do you have any idea how sloooooow the internet connection has been back in KL since the earthquake in Taiwan???

I have a ton of pictures taking up space in any computer I can land my hands on (namely, my work computer, home laptop & John’s work laptop) so I figured it was time for me to clean up my mess (One of my New Year’s resolution…be timely in my responses/TQ cards/correspondences)

So….we were back in NYC again the weekend after we left Buddy over at Mary Kay’s house…Figured that we might as well take advantage of our curfew-less weekend (not that we stayed out that late…we’re on “old people’s” time schedule, remember?)

John wanted to test out his new handheld GPS thingamajig that he's been begging and begging and begging to have (and I finally caved because I got so tired of hearing about it...Hmm...I wonder where he learnt THAT trick from??) and since one of his arguments for getting that darn thing was “Think about it, honey…When we are in NYC, we can find our way to every shop that you want!” – like THAT ever happened….the best I got was speedwalking past the entrance of the store that I want to go in)

So, there we were, walking along 5th Avenue, trying to find the Museum of Natural History (we got excited seeing the preview for “Night At The Museum” (starring Ben Stiller) and wanted to get a first hand feel of it)…We finally stopped at Central Park where John was trying in vain to get the Satellites God to align with his toy, and I was…entertaining myself, people watching and smelling the horse poop that permeates the air around that area (A horse drawn carriage is a VERY romantic idea…on paper…But when you’re actually there, seriously, how lovey-dovey can you get when all you smell is eau de poopy?? Bleh…)

Finally, I got tired and took out MY toy (Cellphone/PDA with internet access) and found the blo*dy address to the museum…It took me 5 seconds. Makes me wonder why I was standing around for 5 minutes waiting for my husband to (unsuccessfully) find the way to our destination.
For those who think that they will be stuck in a similar predicament, take note:
American Museum of Natural History
+ Add: 79th Street and Central Park West
+ Tel: 212-769-5100
+ Hours: Sun-Thurs 10am - 5.45pm, Fri & Sat 10am - 8.45pm
We did stumble upon Tavern on the Green though...It was GORGEOUS!!! We tried to see if we could squeeze in there for a lunch break, but alas, it was overflowing with people with the same idea in their minds…Next time, we’ll do better. This is definitely on my to-do list before we leave the New England area for good.

At least we got the chance to ogle at the people who had the foresight to make a reservation…hehehe…(the building had clear glass walls in the back area of the restaurant, where the topiary garden was located.)

Not that my outfit was that interesting, but since I'm bored, and I have a captive audience, I'm wearing: Juicy Couture Reversible Fur Hoodie in Ziggy, Arden B. pink L/S top, True Religon Joey jeans, Chanel Cambon tote, Uggs in Chocolate

That location must be magical, because the GPS unit finally decided to work, and we were on our merry way to the museum…Which, by the way, I have no idea why we got so excited about it anyway, because the displays/artifacts there were average at best…The most interesting event was probably watching the guys at the cafeteria try to sweep a cockroach into a dustpan (seriously, how many guys does it take? And it was only a baby roach...)
And of course, since it was close to the Christmas season: THE tree is UP! ("What tree", you ask?? Where have you been all your life? Don’t you watch movies??? I’m only talking about the legendary Christmas tree that’s been dragged out of its 50+ year old address in some forest only so it can be decked out in ornaments and twinkle lights by the truckloads for 3 weeks, ogled at by millions of people and then, when Christmas is over, it’s moved to a dump site where it’s left to die – what a life)

And don’t let the twinkle lights fool you. In broad daylight, the tree is as sparse as hair on an old man’s head.
Bah, humbug…..Merry Christmas, y’all!!