Saturday, February 28, 2009

The End

5 pm yesterday officially marked the end of my maternity leave. How fast it has flown by. Looking at her now, I am still astounded at how much she's grown. In front of my very eyes. There are times when I'll scratch my head and wonder, how did she get so big? My baby is not so much a baby anymore. Even though I was with her every single one of those days, I feel like I missed something. And I'll wish that there was a rewind button somewhere for me to be able to relive those days, to experience it all over again, to ensure that I didn't miss a single second of it. And it makes me wish that none of that time was wasted with the unimportant things.
She goes to daycare on Monday. As I watched her sleep tonight, I started calculating. She'll be spending more time with the teachers at the daycare than with my husband and I. And then I started bawling. What if through time, she starts preferring them? Will she forget me? Right now, I'm the one she wants when she's really upset, tired, etc. What if there comes a time in the near future when she's crying out for comfort but she doesn't want it from me? Please say it isn't so. I wouldn't be able to bear it, my heart would break.
I miss her already.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Step Up

Who wants to sleep in a dinky little bassinet when you can have the whole Heavenly bed?

Isabel has moved into the guest room for her naps. And she's loving it...because she actually stays asleep for longer than 2 minutes in it (which, by the way, is the record time for how long she stays sleeping in the bassinet)

Which is good for me, since I can then use the time to do things that keep me sane. I.e cleaning the whole kitchen from top to bottom - Yes, I do realize that the previous sentence in and of itself is enough for one to proclaim that I've already lost my marbles (Clean the kitchen when you can be sleeping??) What can I say? I'm my mother's child.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

All Gone =(

The last of our guests left. After three months, our house is empty again, with the exception of a little bundle of joy, who sometimes turns into a bundle of screams. Very loud screams.

How do we deal with it? Besides bawling uncontrollably, we've also resorted to another classic method.

Adds a little sweetness and comfort back into life. Plus, it comes in handy when all of my mom's thoughfully prepared meals are gone.

Cake and a diet coke for dinner, anyone?

How To Take A Bath

1) Undress and get wrapped in a blanket. We don't like the cold.

2) Wash hair - This part we like. There's just something about warm water trickling through the scalp. And don't forget the head massages, please

3) Dry hair - still liking this. Feel free to coo and gurgle to show appreciation

4) Now we get to the fun part - soaping up. At this point, start screaming and crying to your heart's content.

5) Into the tub we go to de-soap. Again, continue screaming and crying to your heart's content, but don't forget to wash your armpits

6) Fluffy towel, here we come. Dry both body and tears please

7) Get dressed and be wrapped up as snug as a bug in a rug

8) Once all bath paraphenilia are put away, promptly spit up to show them who's still boss


Monday, February 09, 2009

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Little Things, Big Satisfaction

I got dressed up in regular clothes, complete with make up and hair routines, for the first time in 2 months. Although it wasn't easy putting eyeliner on while carrying an infant, and that i got spit up on shortly after, it still felt dang good.
And I can now fit into my 3rd fat jeans - the ones right before my regular stuff. So, woo hoo.