Monday, October 23, 2006

Baby Fever And A Trip Back To Michigan

This past weekend, we flew back to Michigan for a whirlwind trip to attend a friend’s wedding and our new nephew’s baptism. It was…, but definitely exhausting. I think I needed another weekend just to recover from it! Getting out of bed on that following Monday was positively NOT fun.

We got to see all the babies (well, I’m talking about the “real” babies) of the family…Yay. Joey (Heidi and Phil’s baby) is definitely a cutie-pie. Anna’s all blond-haired, blue-eyed…Actually, come to think, they both are…Pity our kid won’t be….Ours will probably be the typical squinty-eyed, bowl-cut hair Asian baby

Speaking of babies, John is definitely experiencing baby fever. He can’t leave all the babies alone! So I’ve started my research on the whole labor issue…just reading about it makes me want to buy one of those old-fashioned chastity belts!! A few things I found out:

1) On a scale of 1 to 5, the pain level of natural childbirth is oh, about a TEN!!!!
2) There will be vaginal tearing…I KNEW that it’s not quite so natural for something that big to come out of something that small!!
3) There’s always the possibility that the mother will POOP when pushing
4) Even getting the epidural will hurt
5) And if I get a caesarian, I get to look forward to bedrest because my skin, muscle and whatnot were cut open and stretched out to take that darn baby out.

So tell me, why on earth would I willingly have a kid???!!! And this does not even take account of the hemorrhoids, the stretch marks and the all-nighters that we’ll have to go through once the baby is here….I told John that if he wants a baby, he’ll have to start the adoption process. There’re plenty of babies in China…and chances are, people won’t even notice the difference when they compare the baby to us…I’ll probably get, “Oh Steph, he/she looks JUST like you!” cause all Asians look the same to the Americans anyway!

Back to the weekend…It was so nice to socialize again!! John and I obviously don’t have a life back here in Connecticut, and to have a taste of what being around friends again felt so good! And his immediate family were all there, so we got to hang out with family too! Two birds with one stone, anyone??

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