Monday, November 20, 2006

Last Trip Down?

Sorry for the long lull...For some reason, I can't seem to gather up enough energy to do anything beyond the regular eat, sleep, go to work cycle. Now that the holiday season's here, I'm just impatiently fidgeting in my seat at work till I can finally shut down my computer and go HOME!

Nway, it was Ethan's 1st birthday party last weekend (he's not officially 1 year old yet...that would be on Nov 22nd), so we made the trip down to Maryland again. It’s probably one of the last (if not THE last) time we’ll be down at their house before they pack up and leave for Australia. Kinda sad, since I really love what they did with the place, and they are great company.

It’s been roughly 1 month since we’ve seen the baby? And he’s so big now!!! Still adorable, of course!! =D

It’s a pity that they are moving so far away…John will miss his buddy (Tommy). Those two are so alike that it's quite quite...interesting.

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