Monday, December 12, 2011


Yes, you are a big girl. 

Happy Birthday, my purple-orange sunshine.

I love the way you say "hoob" for hood.
I love the way you say "tub tub" for bathtub
I love that you still want to cuddle 
I love your laugh
I love it when you sing at the top of your lungs while going for a walk
I love your stinky feet
I love when you talk to your dolls


I don't love how sometimes, I feel like you're slipping away from me
I don't love how as you get older, you start to lose your innocence and learn that this world ain't so great as you think, and that people aren't as they seem.
I don't love how much growing up you have to have done in the past year and a half (and you did so good)
I don't love how I have to share you

That's the way life is. Good and bad. One day at a time.

You are my darling, my baby, and I love you. ThiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiS much - to the moon and back. 


Garyyachew said...

Happy birthday Izzy. Kongkong love and miss you very very much.

Natalie, Sook Ling said...

Izzybelle! This is so very late! But we miss you, and all of us send you a huge hug and kiss. We have something for you travelling with Aunt Per Per, so you can have a late birthday pressie when she arrives! We cannot believe you are three. *insert: big kiss, Jie!* We think of you often. Enjoy the present!

MUCH LOVE, The Tans.