Saturday, March 17, 2012


It's been awhile since I had an Izzy update.

She can count somewhere to the teens before she starts muddling them up


She's able to complete puzzles by herself with minimal prompting from me




She's now learning control with her "brushstrokes"


I picked her up from daycare one day and I was surprised to see how well she stayed somewhat within the lines and the color blocking that she does...And today, I got a note from her teacher saying that she now grasps the concept of tracing pretty well.

I am proud of her (I have to admit that I peeked into the other kids' mailboxes to see their works of art, and Isabel's piece does stand out somewhat)


And I guess I was sad too, because it was something that I didn't realize that she does.

With all the day-to-day stresses and responsibilities, it's so easy to lose focus, and one really should stop and sit back and just be amazed at how fast kids grow, and how fast they become an independent little being.


But unfortunately, without making the conscious effort to take the time to really just enjoy their company without any other distractions, and to take the time to teach them, whether if it's to paint, or to color or to write their name, it's really easy for these years to slip by and before you know it, the kid is 16 and you're afraid that you never really spent the time to just simply enjoy your child.


I am afraid that we live in a world where we are always so caught up on how much we need to do, what we need to achieve, and saying "give me a minute" when a child asks to spend some time cuddling with you. And it makes me sad. And it makes me more sad that I can be that said person.

So, one of my top resolutions for 2012 is actually to spend time with Isabel WITHOUT distractions. During my weekends with her, it is going to be just about her, doing things with her, doing things that she wants to do---and they are always simple things like going for a walk, going to the park, cuddling on the couch, etc. I have the other weekends to do what is necessary around the house, or other little errands that I want done.


Jenny said...

Thank you also for allowing Izzy to stay home with me 2days per week.I will always treasure my time with her!

Jenny said...
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Steven said...

Who is that crazy looking guy in the picture? Oh wait, it's me! I should've followed Izzy's lead and done the silly face too.

bagfashionista said...

hah---i thought you were going to say "Who's that good looking guy there?"!