Thursday, August 28, 2008

25 weeks...

What's happening underneath that bump?

Your baby is still filling out in the womb and you'll notice that your stomach begins to expand on the sides as well as the front. The baby is now at 1.5 lbs and is almost 10 inches from the head to the butt.

The structures of the spine - 33 rings, 150 joints and 1000 ligaments - begin to form. The blood vessels of the lungs are developing and the nostrils begin to open. The skin is still a bit wrinkled as there is more weight to be gained before birth, but it's not transparent anymore.

Long weekend coming up!! Can't wait - I have a whole list of to-dos that I'm aiming to complete. Number one on the list is painting the shelving unit for the nursery, the very same one that my husband is working on building right now in the garage. The whole nursery (the whole upstairs, actually) is in a big mess right now because we are trying to set up the kid's furniture, while trying to figure a way and find the space to chuck all of my junk out of the room. I'm actually a little surprised at how much...stuff...I have! I can't wait to have it all sorted out so we can finally put all the baby stuff where it belongs and work on getting all the other essentials - i.e. clothes, toiletries, bedding, etc etc...
The crib is up at the very least....Got a very, very good deal on it...This was the one that I was eyeing and finally decided to get, and when we went to the store to pick it up, we found out that it was on clearance - so we ended up paying only 25% of the original price!

And yes, the room is blue and will remain blue....It really looks like we'll be having a boy, but even if it turns out to be a girl, it really should be too hard to "girl-ify" it. Much less traumatizing for a girl to be in a blue room than a boy to be in a pink one, I think.

Oh, and look what I found at our local Asian grocery store....

Sorry, the picture of the mooncake itself is overly bright....I couldn't wait any longer to sample it! This is the very first time I've bought mooncake from the States - simply because it's usually outrageously overpriced, and quite frankly, I'm usually quite clueless about the seasons and will completely miss it until it's too late.

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