Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blue or Pink?

What's happening underneath that bump?

From this week on, your baby enters another growth spurt so you'll be showing a lot more very soon. The baby is now about 9 inches and weighs about a pound. He or she is looking more and more like a newborn - the body is becoming better proportioned each day and the bones of the middle ear begins to harden. Your baby is doing acrobatics in the womb: kicking, flipping around and and turning regularly. There is still enough room for the fetus to move comfortably and you can feel kicks and jabs by putting your hand against your belly

Boy or girl, boy or girl? The suspense is killing me!

Kristi, my husband's cousin, announced her pregnancy about 3 weeks after we did, and she just found out that she's having a BOY! Can't wait to meet Baby Ethan James. But her announcement is making me go crazy wondering which one I have cooking in my belly!
ARRghhh!!! If we ever have another, I'm going to find out.


Chewbies said...

makcik.. update blog lerrrr

bagfashionista said...

haha, i keep meaning to, but can't think straight enough to string a whole sentence together....