Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Can't Think of a Title, Therefore I'm Not Going To Bother...

Since our baby was taking her own sweet time arriving, my guests/caretakers have to find ways to amuse themselves to deal with anti-climax after the 8th has come and gone with absolutely nothing eventful happening...So, out with the cards and the cash!! (It's Monopoly money, but still!)

All they need are some cigars and some gin....or for a more appropriate "Chinese" mobster feel, cigarettes hanging out from the side of their mouths and one leg propped up on the chair....

I'm just so glad that I did not have to be induced....The pain was bad enough as it is. But as they all say, it was well worth it....I think!

New daddy

Our new family

Such a big girl!!

3 days old

December 14th 2008

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