Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Little Tricks Up Her Sleeve...

So, my daughter have been smiling since day 1, but I never did think that it was intentional...I mean, she smiles in her sleep when I sing to her, and there are times when she'll give little smirks as she toots her way through her diaper...But I always thought that they were flukes. However, this morning, when I went to her crib, she was already wide awake and cooing....She looked at me and I smiled. She quickly closed her eyes shut. So I said "Is someone pretending to be asleep?" Then she opened her eyes again and gave me a big smile.

I have a little prankster. And she makes my heart melt.

She's 13 days old today and she had her first dr's appointment. She's back to her birth weight, the little chunker, so that's good news for me as that means the feedings are working as they should. That makes all those sleepless nights and sore nips a little more worth it. I wouldn't say that it makes it ALL ok (hey, it sometimes hurt like a mother****** when she latches on half asleep...it makes me want to scream as loud as she does!), but it's close.

Oh, and I can officially fit into my fat jeans, buttoned up and all. Woo hoo!

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