Friday, February 20, 2009

A Step Up

Who wants to sleep in a dinky little bassinet when you can have the whole Heavenly bed?

Isabel has moved into the guest room for her naps. And she's loving it...because she actually stays asleep for longer than 2 minutes in it (which, by the way, is the record time for how long she stays sleeping in the bassinet)

Which is good for me, since I can then use the time to do things that keep me sane. I.e cleaning the whole kitchen from top to bottom - Yes, I do realize that the previous sentence in and of itself is enough for one to proclaim that I've already lost my marbles (Clean the kitchen when you can be sleeping??) What can I say? I'm my mother's child.


Chewbies said...

You are one of the very few people in this world who can maintain sanity and doing what needs to be done. Yay for that!!


bagfashionista said...

I just like things organized the way it's suppose to, and dust free...Messiness makes me cringe! Can't help it

Chewbies said...

I know, I know :D
I have got to stop micromanaging the cleaning lady at the office when she's working. I told her to wipe clean my desk phone and couldn't help but to keep looking to make sure she doesn't miss a spot. I'm so sure they hate me already. But too bad lah.