Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Little Izzy Has A Farm....

E - I - E - I - O!

I have been wanting to join the Quiet Book/Felt Craft group for awhile. Matter of fact, I've had a stash of felt sitting in the craft closet for a substantial amount of time. It was cohabitating nicely along with the numerous amount of yardage of fabric. I'm apparently a hoarder.

But anyway, with the breakdown of my sewing machine (R.I.P), I've decided to finally start on a quiet book for Isabel. (handsewing is......calming) With the progress that I am making, and with the decision to cut spending, I may be able to produce a book with 10 pages, oh, by next year!

Good thing I had all the necessary supplies for the first page ( I used white cotton for the page itself, and felt for everything else. I obviously did not read the "try to use fabric where possible for easy clean-up" tip. I'm rectifying that for future pages)

 I started with a barnyard scene - I took inpiration from Jill's book here (ok, it was almost a blatant copy!), as well as from other farm scenes from Isabel's substantial book/puzzle collection. Drafted it out....


And well...it didn't really turn out exactly - I got lazy. (Note to self - do not be lazy - always pin, pin, PIN!)


I may or may not continue to add more details to the scene. We'll see how OCD I get.

So, who's in the barn?


We have a little pig for the little pinky finger, a cow, a duck and a chicken.

 They are little finger puppets


And who's hiding behind the top barn window?



Or maybe "Cock-a-doodle-doo!" would be more fitting....

Tested it out on the core user...


Isabel likes the pig.


Working on a doll's house concept right now...Not sure if it will turn out exactly the way I envisioned, but I'll update when it's done (don't hold your breath for it, though. It'll probably be awhile)


Amanda said...

I didn't know your sewing machine died! Too bad we don't live closer...I've got several "spare" sewing machines, I could hook you up! :)

And OMG, that book is beyond adorable. I've thought about making one of those, but I know me...by time I finished it, it'd end up being for my grandkid, lol.

Jenny said...

That is so cool!!You are indeed a genius!Good Girl!!

bagfashionista said...

amanda - i would love to live closer! it'll be fun to have a sewing buddy, at the very least!

i guess i'm a little more optimistic than you are - at least i think i'll be done and it can still be for her....although she might be 17 by then!! hope all is well with you.

NIL said...
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Cheryl said...

It turned out cute & she looks like she loves it, so that makes it a win. Your handstitching is very neat, so be proud!! Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)