Saturday, July 02, 2011


I mentioned here that I wanted to run in a race/marathon.

I've never been athletic. Ever. I can't throw straight. (my arm is weirdly twisted when I hold it out straight) I can't jump. I don't like water.

I think as I grew older (as in like, 7) I became more self-conscious, and thus, began to doubt my abilities.

But I've always been in awe with people who have athletic grace and ability. Actually, I'm pretty much in awe of people who do things better than I do. I suppose it's one way for me to continuously push myself to be better. But I digress. So, I've always been in awe of athletic people. And I've always wanted to be able to be one of those people who run so effortlessly. Plus, I've been hearing the excuse "Oh, I'm going running" far too many times by then, which makes me feel like he thinks I'm the stupidest person alive. So I wanted to do something that says that at least ONE of us were really, truly running.

So I began going to the gym. I couldn't run for more than 2 minutes. It was pretty sad. But I persisted. I began taking classes - kickboxing, Zumba.

And I tried again at the treadmill after a few months. I could run for 15 minutes now, at 5.0 mph. I was thrilled!

To push even further, I coerced a bunch of colleagues and signed up for a 3.5 mile race.


I can't say I "trained". I never ran for more than 2.5 miles at a time, I hurt my neck/shoulder and was out of commission 3 weeks, which left me 2 weeks before the race. But I did my best


The results could have been better, but I'm pretty proud of myself . That I finished, and I ran as much as I could. (I did walk for probably about 1/2 mile. I had to breathe!)


And I'm going to keep going at it.

And I love how I'm one of those now who jogs/runs along the boardwalk at the beach near my house. =)


Jenny said...

Good for you Girl!!Now you must initiate your kor!!

msihua said...

Yayy! Well done you! I joined the 5km marathon here as well.. and nearly died!!!