Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Twenty Eight

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Happy birthday to me!!!!!!

Well then --- it was slightly weird singing "Happy Birthday" to myself as I cut my cake alone in the middle of the night, but I just pretended that all the well-wishers who communicated through emails, Facebook, text messages and phone calls were with me. Truly thank you to each and everyone who remembered and took the time out of their busy lives to send me a wish.

Today was mostly...work, work, work, reading on organic weeding, work, work, weeding, and more work. It's fun being me.

The one thing I looked forward to tackling when I came home was the weeding.


I'm obsessed.

The crab grass is challenging me and I intend to defeat it, bit by bit. There's just something so satisfying and calming about methodically pulling the weeds out one by one, manually. Not even using the weed puller (I actually felt cheated out of the sense of accomplishment when I used it - yes, I'm weird an overachiever like that)


And it was cute to see Isabel put on her gardening gloves and help me.


Although it was not so cute finding out that she was having so much fun working that she peed herself.

I'm ending the day with a glass of wine in hand.


Yum...ice wine, a Christmas present from last year courtesy of my husband, ex-husband soon-to-be-ex husband (it's slightly awkward when referring to him to others)


Although, I made an oops...Wine enthusiasts, you'll probably going to cringe so consider this a warning to look away.....


Yea...I pushed the cork into the bottle itself by mistake. Can you tell that I'm an expert bottle opener? I wonder how long the wine is good for now....

Well then...it's past midnight (and way past my bedtime)

Have a good night.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! May this year be a good one, just like you deserve x

Amanda said...

If we were FB friends I would have certainly wished you a happy birthday...instead you'll have to accept my belated birthday wishes ;)

I still feel awkward talking about/referring to my ex. He truly is my ex now, but it's still strange. Especially when talking to people who don't know I'm divorced. Then I get all the sympathetic clucks and, "I'm so sorry," to which I want to respond, "Why? I'm not."

bagfashionista said...

Thank you, Katie

Amanda -- sometimes, I have to admit, there are times where I'll refer to him as my husband, simply because it's easier (and legaly, he still is) Else, it'll just be "Isabel's Dad". And we can be FB friends ;) Send me an email -- i don't remember your last name.