Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In Remembrance

My grandmother passed away last year. I was unable to be by her side.

One of her loves is her garden. And I promised myself that I will have a garden in memory of her. 

Remember my white picket fence?


It's time to toss it out and start anew.

After the months of digging through the dirt, I finally have a spot worthy enough for a dedication:

In remembrance of my grandmother and Izzy's great-grandma...

It reminds me of a little English garden -- something about the foxgloves and the brick wall behind it

Purple Salvia 

English Garden corner - purple salvia

Foxglove - this one has a tinge of purple, and the other, yellow tones.


And of course, a hydrangea - this is of the original Endless Summer variety that was planted last year as a trial. It came back this year, much bigger, and there's quite a bit of flowers starting to grow - I am excited. It should have blue flowers, assuming the soil is the same -- the flowers change colors according to the pH of the soil.


And a little rock grouping - the ornamental stone with "Grandma's Garden" was brought over from my grandmother's garden when my mom came for her visit last year. I believe that I may have been the one who gave it to her -- it looks very familiar.

The brick wall is not complete -- I have one more trip to make this afternoon.


Natalie, Sook Ling said...

that's reallie pretty jie! Good on you for toiling at that garden and making it look so beautiful. I miss Grandma too..

mccstu said...

That's very pretty!

And my Da' used to wring out his washed jeans onto the hydrangea because he was convinced that would make them come out blue.

Jenny said...

Sweet garden!good for you Girl !

Holly and Sean said...

Looks amazing Steph! And that is so special that Izzy has a place to learn and hear about her great grandma.