Saturday, June 02, 2012

Flower of the Month

From the garden =)


The peony bush was bursting with blooms -- this is the first year after being planted.


Mmmmm...the smell of flowers when you walked into the kitchen!


Although I may have murdered the poor bush since I had to move it to a different spot. Fingers crossed that it survives!



Jenny said...

Beautiful flowers!luckily I didn't kill the bush when sweeping the leaves during my visit!

Holly and Sean said...

Gorgeous! My peonies are just starting to open up. I am sure your bush will be fine. Last year we moved one and it not only came in fuller, but a tiny sliver of root must have been left in the old spot that is now another bush. My aunt is a horticulturist and told me you can even just break a piece of root off, leave it inside all winter, plant in the spring and it will grow in quick. I guess these things are indestructible!