Friday, June 01, 2012

Summer Sewing

The weather has been warming up nicely. Warm weather = light, flowy dresses.

Izzy is a bit of a hoochy-koochy with her dresses -- they have to be short. Like, short-up-till-there short.

Store bought dresses are "too loooooooong, mom!" Her go-pieces have been 3 tunics/dresses that I made when she was a toddler, so that makes me happy. But it does get slightly annoying when they are all used up and are in the laundry basket and it takes her an eternity to get dressed in the mornings then.


It's been a long time since I sewed anything. Stayed up till 3am last weekend to do so, and I have to say that it felt great! 

And when Izzy woke up the next morning asking if the blue flower dress is ready to wear, it makes it even sweeter.

(lesson learned -- always, ALWAYS consult with her on fabric prior. Else it'll be a battle to get her to put it on and KEEP it on)
 Oliver + S \Swingset tunic in size 4T, with the length extended about 1 1/2 inches longer than the pattern so it's slightly more decent when she wears it.


The button at the back is my favorite detail - found it in my button stash
Appropriately, Izzy wore it to the park to swing in her Swingset tunic. 

More dresses to come.


Jenny said...

Cloth looks familiar !already bought some dresses for her too!

Daphne Teh said...

So cute!! She really likes em short, huh!! ^_^
You've got to teach me when u get back. Either that or graciously pass me some of Izzy's lovely hand-me-downs to copy ^_^.
I thought I could be lazy for a few more years, but I think it's a lot less acceptable for a little girl to look scruffy and unkempt than it is for a boy..Hehe..

bagfashionista said...

mom - don't go too crazy..she has very particular taste these days.

daph -- SOOOOO much more fun with little girls clothes!!! I have a whole binder full of free patterns!

Vee Ann said...

Hehehehe "hoochy-koochy" she's so cute! And yes she does sound very stubborn about what she does and doesn't like. Fun times for you! :oP

Daph - what are you talking about, I was scruffy and unkempt the whole time I was a little girl...and even when not so little. :oP