Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year

A wish for us to you...

This is what's happening on my side of the world on this holiday

A far cry from the heat that usually accompanies CNY celebrations back home

 photo IMAG1562.jpg

Our "reunion" dinner --

  photo IMAG1577.jpg

I remember having rice and chinese sausages (along with other dishes) on the morning of the first day of Chinese New Year at my grandmother's house with all of my mother's siblings and their families prior to other extended family members arriving for their CNY visits. Then it is pretty much house-hopping for the rest of the week or so.

Our dinner for tonight -- an odd one to be sure, to celebrate, but it's a lot better than instant noodles, yah? (although I do love my indomie). My second attempt at a roast chicken, and my first attempt at gravy....yumm..the gravy.....

 photo IMAG1586.jpg

Isabel's first experience of eating a chicken off the bone

 photo IMAG1588.jpg

Still figuring out how it works...

 photo IMAG1597.jpg

Yummy, she says!

Still wish we were back though.
Perhaps next year. 

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Jenny said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai!