Friday, May 31, 2013

Dance Showcase 2013

 photo 654968b8-f33a-4a5a-ab0f-8f745ec2645c.jpg

Isabel had her dance showcase last weekend

 photo IMAG2154.jpg

Ballet was danced to "Music Box Dancer"

She is the very enthusiastic monkey in the front row during the second part, after they switched places

And tap was to the very fun "Alphabet Boogie"


Excuse the shakiness -- I couldn't stop laughing -- I kept expecting her to kick/crash into her friends, especially towards the last part

Again, she is the first one to your right after the row change. 
 photo IMAG2301.jpg


Jenny said...

I also laughed when I saw it on YouTube !

Steven said...

Haha awesome. I expect her to be a star in 10 years time!