Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Garden Update!

* Again, lots of boring pictures of green stuff...skip if this is not your cup of tea

The temperature is warming up -- you can tell when one walks around with ice-cream on her face:

 photo IMG_20130603_220840.jpg
Another way to tell is when you notice the flower buds developing and opening


 photo IMAG2345.jpg

Hydrangea in Grandma's Corner: (few weeks before)

 photo IMG_20130524_120525-1.jpg

One flower is starting to bloom: (this past weekend)

Endless Summer Hydrangea photo IMAG2368.jpg


 photo IMAG2347.jpg
Hydrangea in the front yard -- doing spectacularly well -- Look at the difference a month of sunshine can have!


 photo IMAG2106.jpg


 photo IMAG2352.jpg

I am intent on having a vegetable garden area this year -- And I like free just as much as the next guy...So here I am, trying to grow celery from the base that was cut off from store-bought celery --- and it works! It is fascinating seeing it grow from something that is usually discarded...and my Chinese penny-pinching ways is alarmed at how much money was being literally thrown out with the garbage.
growing celery from base photo IMG-20130518-WA0004.jpg

Other randoms:

Treating myself to fresh cut flowers every once in a while

 photo IMG_20130504_134322.jpg

The way I enjoy my quiet time when my baby girl is away:

Right now, my mind is busy making plans on putting in flower beds in the front of the yard by the sidewalk to shield my poor neighbors from having to endure looking at my weed patch....Grass growing is really not for me

*I may or may not look like this when the plans are running through my mind.  


Steven said...

You are such an old lady :P

Jenny said...

Garden looks very promising !good work!

bagfashionista said...

i AM an old lady --- it's lucky i'm not a decrepit one... =)