Monday, July 01, 2013

A Little Evening Gathering..

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The blue hydrangea (Endless summer variety) bush is overflowing with blooms, so I decided to help lessen its burden again in the twilight hours one evening

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Buddy is visiting with Melly and I for a week while Isabel and her dad goes back to the Mid-West for a visit with family

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I am finding that I much prefer the white hydrangeas these days...I hope that the 4 bushes of whites (blushing bride and endless summer varieties) that I've planted will do as well as the blue (which at 3 years, is the most mature)

  photo IMAG2656.jpg 

Guess what else is also starting to bear fruit? 

Japanese eggplant tree from my little square foot gardening patch...the only one that is bearing fruit at the moment. I have decided that tomatoes plants are too much trouble for me -- I don't even particularly LIKE tomatoes. Next year, I shall have to reconsider the plan of attack. 

Vegetable gardening is a tad too time-consuming for me. I who generally like to do something once and be done with it.
My basil is doing great though...but again, much more than I know what to do with it...

I have been missing my darling dreadfully...
But it is nice to be able to actually have time in the nights to do WHATEVER I WANT. 

Catching up on movies is one - I don't remember the last time I've actually watched a grown up movie the whole way through. The dogs are good cuddlers for that.

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Jenny said...

Beautiful flowers !beautiful girls!