Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Many Faces of Isabel

Apparently getting older leaves Isabel with mixed emotions...

Stage 1: Disbelief that she is getting that old

 photo DSC_0411_zps091c27c2.jpg

2) Shock as she finally acknowledges the fact that she IS getting older
  photo DSC_0412_zps5fdac0f2.jpg

3) Acceptance --- with a touch of humor..else she might end up crying?

 photo DSC_0414_zpsa044ae56.jpg

The cake was a surprise -- baked by a good friend (who is crazy and sets the bar so far up that I can't even see it)

 Grateful for all the family and friends who turned up (most who met Isabel for the FIRST time, which is crazy...and makes me kind of sad)

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