Friday, February 28, 2014

My Love

I haven't taken many photos with my actual camera in a long time. Probably because I don't feel that our lives are special or exciting enough to lug around a bulky DSLR

But this year, I am making it a point of trying to take more and share more

Cue our first photoshoot (complete with hair and wardrobe) in years, to get into the Chinese New Year mood...

And one can tell that I am Isabel is out of practice, because it took an eternity to get the shots that I wanted...

But I had lots of goofball prepared to be bombarded...

Wait...let me think of how to pose...

 photo IMG_5130_zpsa5c5f790.jpg

Is this good?

 photo IMG_5121_zpsa2122253.jpg

Is this better?
   photo IMG_5125_zpse9d19dba.jpg 
Oh, snaps! This is hard!
   photo IMG_5143_zpsb8296233.jpg 
How about... 
Are we DONE, momma?!
 photo IMG_5173_zps64b114b1.jpg 
I did manage to get some precious gems...though they are not the type that will make it to the short list of the "acceptable Christmas card photos", they are probably my favorites

 photo IMG_5280_zpsa376ac45.jpg 
 photo IMG_5253_zps75db6cee.jpg 

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Jenny said...

Beautiful pics!miss both of you!muaks!!!