Friday, September 22, 2006

Boston, Boston....

That just doesn't have quite the same ring as "New York, New York", does it??

As you may (or may not, depending on how interested you are in our daily lives...which I can't really imagine to be that interesting, therefore the number of people interested in our lives would be practically....3) be aware of, we were in Boston during the Labor Day weekend with Florence, Tommy and his family. A. Florence managed to score a great deal at the newest Westin Hotel and I guess what better way to enjoy that than with family??!! *blink blink*

We didn't take much pictures (since we are still getting used to the idea of capturing our mundane lives in digital stills) but the trip itself was great fun...Actually, the most memorable thing about it is the insatiable appetite of both U.Tommy and my husband....Man, those two can eat!!

Ok, and here are the pictures that I know that you reeeally want to see...(and no, it's not of me...apparently I'm not cute enough... )
For those who would like to see a little Millard baby, I'm afraid that there's a little more waiting to be done! So this will have to suffice...

Notice that he's laying on the most padded area of the bed, where the comforter is folded twice?? These days, our bed is his bed, and his bed is his bed...He's such a little diva! THIS is why he'll probably die if we put him in a kennel during our trip home.

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