Friday, September 08, 2006

Our Connecticut "Home"

Since we've only moved 3 times in the last....oh, TWO YEARS (!!!), I've pretty much given up the idea of living in an area PERMANENTLY. Because given my husband's nomidic tendencies of never being able to stay at a particular position for long, I know from experience not to get overly attached to a particular location because the moment I do, that's when I'll receive news that we'll be moving within the next week.

However, since I was given forewarning that this little stint in the East coast has an expiration date, I've come to really appreciate it for what it is, and will probably try to fit in as much sightseeing as possible in this beautiful New England territory.

What I do like about our current apartment is that it feels homey. Our Kentucky place was simply too big (and had too little nooks and crannies) for it to be a real home.

And I do like that it has a bigger closet that our previous residence. Finally, I can have my "side" of the closet once more!

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