Sunday, November 02, 2008

My Lightbulb Moment...

Apparently, lifting heavy things during one's 8th month of pregnancy is not such a good idea....And the funny thing is that, it happened when I was cooking.
My nice hubby bought me a new "toy".....something that I've been wanting for a long time, but never did buy because it's not exactly cheap. But Marshalls' got in a huge shipment of Le Creuset items recently, and we found the exact size and color Dutch oven that I've been wanting. Hubby grabbed it.
Now, the thing about these ovens is that they are made out of cast iron. We bought the 5 1/2 qt one, and empty, it weighs about...oh...8 to 10 lbs? Filled up with chicken, 2 lbs of potatoes, liquid/stock and other go figure it out. Lets just say that baby was NOT happy, especially when I had to put it back on the counter to change the height of the rack in the oven, and then put it back into the oven again.
It's been over an hour since putting it in the oven, and baby is still a little miffed, judging from the kicks he/she's still handing out to my belly.


Chewbies said...

You're so macho. I wanna be like you when I grow up.

bagfashionista said...

oh, haha...didn't you know? I'm gearing up to have to carry a 7-10 pounder ALL the time. I wonder if I should get one of those slings?

Chewbies said...

what sling? it's amazing isn't it? you're so darn petite and a baby isn't exactly tiny... erm, yea :P
how's daddy-o doing?

bagfashionista said...

he's doing fine...being a little more sympathetic these days as i'm getting more and more uncomfortable (in pain is a better suited word, actually)

sling like this:

although i have to say it looks pretty dang uncomfortable for the kid! and my back might break!