Thursday, March 19, 2009

No Updates

Not because I don't want to, but time has since been a precious commodity since returning to work 3 weeks ago.
If you peek into our windows on the weeknights, you'll be bored stiff as I go to bed the same time as Isabel does. My husband now plays chef, maid and errand runner in this household. I don't know what we would do without him.
To add to that, we are all sick. Isabel ended week 1 of daycare with a congested nose, and by week 2, she's coughing. By week 3, it's croup. Unfortunately, the 2 visits I had to the doctors resulted in nothing more than "Let us know if it gets worse". So we are stuck here, helpless while she coughs her little heart out. The little dear has been such a champ about it though, and she still smiles and laughs after a particular bad bout of body shaking coughs. Although she now hates the booger sucker with a passion and will scream the moment we come anywhere near her nose with it.
This sucks.

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