Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Potato, Potatoe

About 3 weeks ago, we received a letter from Isabel's daycare...she's being evicted.
Reason? She's trampling over the other kids.

Of course, the daycare worded it differently. Potato, potatoe.
Today is her first official day in Infant II. My baby is growing up - I'm going to go bawl now.

2 days old - Dec 14, 2008

8 months and 4 days - August 16, 2009


Jenny said...

yup,isn't she a beauty?Hope the clothes fit!!!

bagfashionista said...

but you're biased. ;)

have not received it yet, will let you know

Miranda said...

I stumbled across your blog somehow, I don't even know how I got here now!
I just had to comment, she is ADORABLE!! What a cutie you have, and unlike your previous commenter, I am not biased!


...know if I can just find my way back! :)

bagfashionista said...

thank you Miranda!!!