Friday, August 14, 2009

Trip Back Home (Part II)

Part 1 is over here....and if I can keep up with this pace, I just may be able to finish the whole series before we are back in Michigan again. But then again, I don't like to overexert myself, so don't take that as a promise ;)

So...where was the story left off? Driving back...yes. All 14 hours of it.
What fun.
Since we had to make the trek all the way over there, this time there was no way that I was going to have us travel so long and so far without seeing anything else besides hubby's hometown, nice as it is. We decided to stop by our alma mater, since that's where we met and all.

And my oh it has changed.

I'm not sure if it's for better or, what on earth is that gaudy monstrosity hanging off the side of our beloved Video Hitz??

But never mind that...

We took some mandatory shots with the emblem (actually, I don't believe that I have such pictues taken when I was actually still studying that point in time, I think I was anti-Western)

And we made a pit stop by Goldberg Pond ( that really the name of it or did I just made that up?) This is the prettiest spot on campus, I think, and I pass it everytime I had to walk to work - yes, I worked as a dishwasher. Don't remind me of those days (even though I was a heck of a good one --- if there were awards for Efficient Supply Chain Processes in Dishwashing, I'd win it)

It was really a quick trip - a hop out of the car here and there. Hubby's flip-flop strap broke, so he had to shuffle his way around. He was not the best person to go "oooo" and "aaaahh" with.

HOWEVER, he made sure to stop here though:

Sweetwaters Donut Mill - named one of the top 10 places for doughnuts in America.

And with our sugar drips firmly in place, we were off to our final destination!!

P/S: Isabel did FANTASTIC the whole way there. Matter of fact, we were this close to just having her drive us there.

However, she found it entirely too much fun when we got pulled over, so we decided that maybe that won't be such a good idea. Yes, I was driving.

**Part 3 will come in the not so distant future...maybe before year end. But again, no promises**

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