Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Happy Father's Day....

Well...fine. Belated Father's Day. Yes, I'm very much behind.

Due to the fact that I was very sick during that time (I have the pictures to prove it, but I really don't think that you'd like to see that...just imagine a cauliflower farm growing on your tonsils. Yes. Gross) But as I was saying...because I was sick, we didn't really get to "celebrate". Poor hubby always seem to get the short end of the stick here...

However, he didn't get NOTHING. That would just be plain mean.
We ended up taking an impromptu trip up to a local market that has its own orchards. It was strawberry season and we could pick our own strawberries!

So we picked....- that's what the strawberry fields look like, to the city-rats out there...

Well, he picked, mostly...I was trying to hold on to Isabel while manuevering through the strawberry bushes and the hay covered "path" without falling flat on my face.
But look at how much "we" got!

There were some big ones too...- look at the strawberry, not me. I look like something the dog dragged in, chewed on, and spat out.

We ended up with 8 pounds of that darn fruit...

And somehow, he managed to sneak in a pie and some sticky cinnamon/pecan type rolls too (although why he'd choose to buy a STRAWBERRY pie is beyond me)

So bottom line was, even though it was not executed the way I was hoping it would, he still had a pretty sweet day....literally. So much so that I think I better have his blood sugar checked.

P/S: We are still sitting on 2 containers full of frozen berries since we left for MI a weekafter...Any one have any ideas of how to use them up???
P/P/S: Holy crap, this is my 100th post! How on earth did I manage to come up with 100 entries about nothing??!

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