Sunday, May 22, 2011


The Ringling Brothers Circus came to town during Mother's Day weekend. As a treat (and because I love the circus), I immediately bought tickets.


Honestly though, I think the circus that I remember going to when I was young seemed much better. The tricks were somewhat "eh". Isabel was entertained most of the first half, then it just got too long. And there were too many clown acts.


Here's her take on it:

My favourite were the elephants too. And just for the record, there were 9 elephants - two of which took a BIG dump during the act. It was the best part of whole 2 hour long show, in my opinion - and to hear the "oooooohh..." of the crowd who were facing the elephants' posterior made it even more amusing =)

So Izzy got a stuffed baby elephant and I made an elephant hairclip for her to commemorate


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Jenny said...

Yup!porpor wants to go to the circus too and see the elephants,tigers!No chimps and lions?