Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Isabel has been bugging me for awhile to paint her nails. This past weekend, I finally gave in. Probably because I was bored, and she was driving me up the wall.


For awhile, it looked like the pink stood a chance. But she's a predictable little creature when it comes to colors.

Can you guess which color she picked?


Yep. Purple. 
(And yes, her eczema flared up again. It's fine now)

She knew exactly what she had to do and put both hands on the table, fingers apart, without me having to tell her. Don't ask me where she picked it up from, cause I don't know


When it was all done, she was excited and said "Go to daycare? I want to show Katie my purple nails"

Vain pot.

And I still stand by my thoughts that I don't like nail polish on toddlers. So she's probably not going to have another manicure for the next 8 years.


Amanda said...

Leah LOVES having her nails polished. She's semi-insane about it.

Strangely, I have no qualms about toddlers and nail polish, but I have major issues with piercing the ears of babies.

Jenny said...

She is following great-grandma footsteps.She still has long manicured nails now at 86.But yeeyee wants to cut them off!

bagfashionista said...

amanda - not into the whole ear piercing thing either..*shudder*

i don't think that isabel is too obsessed with the nail's probably more of a novelty thing at this point.

Vee Ann said...

I approve of purple!!!

msihua said...

Awww.. hahahaha... She's such a girly girl isn't she!!