Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's In My Bag?

I"m a bag person. Always have been, and probably always will.


I remember being 10 years old and driving my mom crazy trying to find a backpack - I was really looking for one that would be a perfect replica of Prada's nylon backpack. Yes, my obsession for designer goods apparently started way back then. I probably bought like 5 different ones that all never did quite fit the bill. So I really learned early on that it's best to splurge on the bag that you really want, instead of wasting money on lackluster bags that really don't quite fit the bill and will end up unused and eventually thrown away. =)

Anyhoo...so I love bags. And I love what's kept in it. And I love knowing what other people have in their bags. Probably because I'm nosy.


Isabel has a bag that she carries around with her, so I decided to nose into it and find out what's important to her:


Clockwise from left:

1) Bead necklace from the MS walk we did with our neighbour and her family
2) Giraffe notebook for her to jot her thoughts down
3) Heart bracelet from her friend Mandy
4) Lipbalm from her friend Mandy - and she will look for it to put it on too. "Where's my lipbalm, momma?"
5) Fruit snack - always important when I need to behave. Yes, I bribe.
6) Izzy's Butterfly Bag  - when we go out shopping, she is allowed to get 1 thing. It was between this, and purple slippers that didn't fit her feet.
7) Wipes
8) Cards from a kid's meal from Wendy's
9) Crayons from Cracker Barrel
10) Bear mittens from Grandma Millard

Important stuff. 

And I may want to think about getting curtains for that window in the study...If anyone was passing my house that night, they'll see me in my PJs, standing on the chair, taking a picture


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Jenny said...

Yeah!I remember the times when you wanted or demanded to get your pack-bag!!