Friday, September 23, 2011

Anniversary No More

This should technically be my SIXTH wedding anniversary.

I'm sitting here, tearing my hair out, making all the necessary changes and applications. Why?


Because as of September 20, 2011, I have joined the ranks of many, many Americans as well as the list of scorned wives such as Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston. I got divorced.

I should get a pin or something to commemorate this. Why, I'm practically a citizen now!

I got a bit slap-happy with photoshop...


Childish? Yes
Entertaining? Absolutely!! 

How am I doing? OK. =)
I'm still smiling. 

image from here

To anyone who has faced with what I have, a big hug to you, and I promise - things get better.

That's what people kept telling me. And I do find that it's true. So perhaps the next most popular line that people tell me will too: "You're young and'll find another easily". So far, I don't hear any knocks on the door, but I haven't given up yet!


Amanda said...

At least people are telling you you're young and pretty! My DAD told me, "You know, you're nice-enough looking, but you're not as young as you once were, and you are damaged goods...I'm not saying you should settle, but, maybe, well, you shouldn't set your sights too high."

Why yes, Dad. Thank you for that reminder.

bagfashionista said...

OMG!!!'ll just have to prove him wrong!! Just to confirm, it does get better, right?!

(i call myself damaged goods now, actually =p )

Coastalpines said...

I just found your blog, flipped through some posts and love your spirit! Your daughter is adorable and I admire your all of your projects. I'm a voracious crabgrass picker and your newest follower :)

bagfashionista said...

Coastalpines - Thank you very much for the kind comment! LOL at the crabgrass! I'm slowly winning that battle! ;)

Chocolate, Cookies & Candies said...

((hugs)) I hope things will look up for you. I guess what doesn't break you will make you stronger. Kudos to you for plowing through regardless of the painful circumstances you're in.

ICook4Fun said...

You go girl!!! I like your spirit. Once you get over your sadnest you will be alright. Best wishes to you and your daughter.

bagfashionista said...

thank you very very much, CC&C and ICook4Fun. one day at a time!! =)