Friday, November 23, 2012

Halloween - Through the Years

Every year, Isabel's daycare will host a Halloween parade, featuring costumes that the teachers make for the whole class.

This year, Isabel's class went as robots

Isabel - Halloween 2012

This is the last time that Isabel will be participating in this parade...because next year, she'll be in kindergarten.

Feeling sentimental, I went through my archives and dug up old pictures from all the past parades -

Halloween 2011 -- not quite sure what they are....NASCAR drivers?

Isabel - Halloween 2011

 Halloween 2010 - bag full of jellybeans! Probably my favorite costume --- look at those cheeks!

Halloween - 2010

She actually didn't get to attend the Halloween parade in 2009, which would be her very first Halloween -- we were in DC to attend my granduncle's funeral. 

So here's the personal costume that I bought instead for her first year of trick or treating

Oh, my baby. I miss the days when she was a baby. 
Because she was A.DO.RA.BLE!! 


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Jenny said...

Yay!yay!missed those days too!she doesn't know how to say "no porpor"