Sunday, November 04, 2012

Meet Melly

She was adopted about a week ago through SPCA.

They think she's about 3 years old. She was found roaming in the streets of California and was picked up by a rescue/shelter company down there. They named her Melody (which I've shortened to Melly...not that it really matters...she doesn't really respond to either one!)

Don't know much about her background -- I would assume that she used to be a pet, then was either lost, or was let loose by her family. She does not react to basic commands (in English, at least) and she doesn't (know how to?) play fetch either.

I had no intentions of getting a dog when I walked in --- Isabel and I were quite set on getting a cat. But then, there she was, in the corner, away from all the other yipping and jumping dogs that were in the same cage....and my heart melted. She looks very much like Buddy.

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She is very sweet, and very, very loyal. She followed me from room to room the first few days, afraid to let me out of her sight. Now, she'll stay put, but will come searching for me if I am not back in a minute or so.

Her days of surviving on the streets is apparent as we go for walks -- she will make it a point to stop and investigate almost every trashcan on pickup days.

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Isabel is quite tickled with her, but she is still asking for a cat.

Melly will make minced meat of the cat.



Jenny said...

The two of them looked adorable together!

Steven said...

I think Melly is a cat disguised as a dog.

bagfashionista said...

That was suppose to be her Halloween costume :D