Friday, September 06, 2013

Lets Go Picking!

Welcome to my little square foot garden!
(LOVE my little harvest basket)

 photo IMG_4696_zps26bd24ba.jpg

Tomatoes are doing well -- I was under the impression that tomatoes should be in abundance in the middle of summer...If that is the case, my tomatoes (and eggplants, for that matter) are late bloomers

My Japanese (Ichiban) eggplants are doing well -- it has yielded quite an abundance (to me, at least) of fruit.
Whereas the regular eggplant has had of which is still in the mid-stages of growing.

 photo IMG_4700_zps15f2195d.jpg

It currently has about 4-5 that should be ready for picking in the next week of so, with some tiny little babies still growing (looks like a little Christmas light bulb!)

 photo IMG_4699_zps4f90408b.jpg

A regular harvest for me

 photo IMG_4702_zps0be19900.jpg

Sometimes in the span of a few days, a week, or longer than that -- it really depends on the plants - I do not treat it with fertilizer. I don't do much other than water them occasionally, to be honest.

Seems pitiful in comparison to serious gardeners. But it is sufficient for this household of 1 1/2.

Even with these meager pickings, I am at a loss of what to do with them sometimes, as there are only so many eggplant/tomato/basil cravings I get.

For today, it shall be a simple omelet type mash

 photo IMG_4710_zps5f9cff65.jpg

In other parts of the garden, my lavender in the side garden is going into second my lavender!


And a random picture of Isabel as she went to school this morning --

She looks like a skater girl/tomboy.
Rarely does she ever dress like this - it's the baggy jeans that gives that impression. Again, another outfit courtesy of her dad. 

They aren't really my style, but whatever floats her boat. She is still cute as a button 
(with a little hooligan hiding within that cuteness)

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Jenny said...

A really big girl!walking to school?omelet tastes good?