Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sew A Little....

I have a new hobby. Well...it's not really new, it's more now, I actually have the motivation (or pressure, I suppose) to actually finish up a project.

My mom bought me a sewing machine, oh....I don't know, eons ago? But I've never really sat down to really learn how to use it because it just seems so tedious.

So, fast forward to the present - we all know that I'm expecting (duh). And you may or may not know, but baby stuff are very expensive --- and the bedding is no exception. Sure, you can just run to your Target or Walmart and pick up any ol' bedding set. But I have absolutely no desire to purchase one of those typical cutesy, chockful of teddy bears and ducks and what-nots sets that seems to be the norm in the more affordable spectrum. I didn't want anything too childish, in other words. "But it's a BABY!" my husband would exclaim....Yeah, but I'm the one who's going to be looking at it. The kid could care less as long as someone changes his/her diaper when he/she wets the bed in the middle of the night.

The sets that I would even remotely consider would run from $300 onwards. Yup, $300 minimum for a 4 piece set (sheet, bumper, blanket and dust ruffle). It's equivalent to highway robbery, in my opinion (but don't mind me, I have a screwed up sense of "value" as it is, anyway ----where I think paying more than $8 for a meal is crazy expensive, but I think that paying $2500 for a bag is totally fine. Yes, I've done that). I won't even pay that much for our bedding, much less something that's more than 3 times smaller, and would be subjected to spit-up, drool, pee and poop.

So, what to do?? Roll up my sleeves and start making my own! I've absolutely no idea if I"d be able to manage it, what the outcome would look like, or if I'd end up just buying the darn thing from a retailer. But, I've always wanted to try and there's really no harm trying right? After all, I'm aspiring to be a Super Mommy --- one that can bake up the most delicious snacks on the block, the one who can make their kids' Halloween costumes (Which, by the way, I saw lots of those type at the fabric store when I went to pick up the fabric) --- someone like Bree Van Der Kamp on Desperate Housewives, basically.

I found the most beautiful fabric that could swing either way (boy or girl), I found 40% off coupons (LOVE coupons!), I have a sewing machine, and I have a plan. There are worse ways to start off a project, I think. So, it's off I go!


Chewbies said...

Have fun with the project. I love needlework and I might just get a Hello Kitty sewing machine!

bagfashionista said...

hello kitty??? where from???!!! tell, tell!!!

(believe or not, i actually broke my sewing machine----well, the lever that activates the reverse stitch, else it still runs good....booger!)

Beeb said...

What a fun project! Hope you get your sewing machine fixed!

Thanks for entering my giveaway, good luck! :)