Monday, September 22, 2008

Week 29

What's happening underneath that bump?

The baby's head is in proportion to the rest of the body. Fat continues to accumulate under the skin. The brain can control primitive breathing and the body can also regulate temperature. The eyes can move around the sockets and the baby is becoming much more coordinated. The baby is becoming sensitive to light, sound, taste and smell.

The baby is over 15" from crown to foot and is nearing 3 lbs in weight. While you'll still feel a great deal of movement in the womb, your baby is no longer able to perform the acrobatics he/she did earlier in the pregnancy as space runs out in the womb.

We had a minor scare last weekend when baby decided to "hibernate" for over 24 hours. He/she went from bouncing off the walls to almost zero movement overnight (even when I downed over 2 glasses of water at one go, 1/2 a pint of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie, orange juice, etc etc). On Friday, I wasn't too TOO worried, since I could still pick up a strong heartbeat easily with my doppler. But on Saturday, it took a really long time to even get any sort of rate that could be passed off as a steady tempo, and even then, it sounded like it was resonating off the uterus walls (even though that little stinker kicked at the rod).

So we went to the hospital just to get monitored, and I suppose that I was just a worry wart, as they said that he/she was perfectly fine. I wonder how much this is going to cost us in hospital bills? Movements have still to return to their normal "activeness", but baby is definitely more "vocal" on this Monday morning than it was last Friday. Great --- I have a hibernating squirrel in me - where it's either leaping and bounding all over the place, or it's in a deep sleep where nothing can rouse it.

On another note, while we were there, we met a couple who was just waiting around patiently to get admitted. I couldn't tell (until I asked), but she was actually in labor!! She's officially my hero. I think if it was yours truly, it'd be a totally different environment for admitting staff at the hospital!! I think she even walked from the parking garage!

On a project front, we were really quite productive over the weekend. I'm so proud of my hubby, and I had so much fun.

We worked on the backsplash for the kitchen - nothing too fancy...just subway tiles across one wall (was going to have it on two walls, but decided against it at the last minute. We'll end up painting the other wall with the stripes....I think the contrast will be interesting, and it'd be something different, at the very least).It ended up being cheaper than anticipated, as the tiles were really quite inexpensive. Which is always good. And it was definitely good practice for when we finally decide to tackle the downstairs bathroom.

The changing table needed one last coat of paint, then some polycrylic to "toughen" it up, and it should be done. I can't wait to finally bring it up so I can organize it. The wood for the armoire is also being prepped and painted, and hubby will assemble it in the nursery itself as there's no way that I'd be able to help him move it up the stairs once it's put together.

It's all starting to come together. I'm so excited!! The master bedroom will continue to look like crap, as more of my junk is moved over there, but at least one out of the two rooms upstairs will look nice! And we all know that baby will be head of the household, so it's only fitting that it'll be his/her room that will take priority!

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