Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm No Supermom

But I can sure as heck try! First stop - be a whiz in the kitchen. And considering the fact that I'm the same person who almost killed herself (think thick white carbon monoxide pouring out of the microwave ---- yes, microwave oven. I blame you, mom. Yes, that pot was NOT microwave safe. At least, not for the cooking time I needed it to be.) when she tried to cook rice for the very first time, this MIGHT be quite the feat.

But anyway, these are the recipes that I intend to try - These people really seem to be food gurus, and their pictures of the final product is just the final push over the wall to motivate (delusional) me to try it out for myself:


Ginger Wings

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Main Dishes:

Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup - This looks PERFECT for a cold winter's night! And if I can successfully make the breadbowl from scratch as well, I'll call myself a kitchen goddess

Chicken Tikka Masala - Now, I've successfully made this in the past, but it's always by using the bottled curry sauce (I know, that's also called cheating). But "from scratch", here I come!

Chiang Mai Noodles - This would be a true test for this blogger --- All her recipes/pictures look delish, but because this is an Asian dish (Thai, to be exact), I have to admit that I'm a little sceptical whenever someone raves about such dishes when the recipe came from an American cookbook.

Hearty Beef Stew - Since this recipe calls for red wine, it'll be post baby before I'll make it. But doesn't it look like it'll be something that will make those cold nights bearable??!

Tomato Herb Flatbread - Looks perfect for the end of summer meals when the tomato plants are flourishing. I can't wait to plant my very own next year!

Quick Shrimp Pad Thai - Again, this will be a good test..but it does look awfully delicious!

Big Mama's Chicken Pot Pie - This is the kind of culinary pieces that will seal the deal in me being a full-fledged accomplished mama in the kitchen!

Chicken Marsala

Baked Macaroni and Cheese - I usually can NOT stand cheese, but ever since I got pregnant, I've been noshing my way through packets of American singles. Straight up. This sounds like something that will make baby (and hubby) happy


Cookie Dough Truffles - will be trying this this weekend, as we were invited over to our neighbours and hubby volunteered to bring dessert

Autumn Apple Pie - I'm really not much of an apple person, unless it's juice or pie, or crumble. Basically, the unhealthy version. And this looks GOOD.

Apple Crunch

Tender Banana Bread - I have 2 bananas ripening up on our kitchen island as I type...

Christmas Bread Wreath - Definitely something that I'm going to try this Christmas. If it turns out, it'd be a good handout to the neighbours

One Hour Bread - the one time we tried to make bread, we weren't sure as to whether our yeast culture had gone looked and tasted a little sour-y. This one sounds great because we don't have to continue feeding the culture and thus, make bread every freaking week, else the culture will grow bad. I mean, I love bread, but who's got the time to make it every week???!


Katie said...

Awwww! Good luck! i'm sure you'll do better than that mishap. lol

bagfashionista said...

Thanks, Katie! Just so you know, I'm fascinated by your blogs! You actually motivated me to tackle my own front coat closet last night, and your caramel corn is absolutely awesome! =D