Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Success Is Sweet.

Literally. I past my 2nd round glucose test. So welcome back, ice-cream and sweet treats!
I had the most horrible expericence going through the 3 hour test, and honestly, I would have gladly gone on the "diabetic" diet if the other option was to take a 5 hour one and pass. I have never wanted to throw up so bad, but that would be futile as I would have to come back and take that horrible drink all over again. So I toughed it out (probably looked like a fright to the other patients waiting at the lab) and thank goodness baby was good and did not squirm around like he/she usually does at that time of the day. Else my poor stomach will probably have self-distructed, especially in addition to the stomach ache that developed in the 2nd hour.
I'm so glad that it's done and over with!

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