Sunday, May 03, 2009

4 Months Old (3 weeks ago!)

Weight - 15 lbs 12 oz (96th percentile)
Length -- 26" (99th percentile)
We had a visit to the doctor's when Isabel turned four months (back in mid-April --- Yes, I'm lagging) and she got her measurements taken.
When I expressed my concern about her not growing, the doctor laughed. I think he found me quite amusing. According to him, she's the size of a small 9 month old. And he asked me what size clothes she was wearing.
I was a little sheepish to admit that I've still been stuffing her in the same clothes from 2 months ago.
So when I got home that day, I packed up all of that and moved on to the next size. Because admittedly, it was getting more and more difficult to button her up. Not because she's hefty. But because she's long. Matter of fact, I was so excited that the weather was finally getting warmer that I pulled out a brand new romper (one of my rare clothing purchases for her), but to my dismay, it didn't FIT. The sizing stated that it was for 3-6 months but I couldn't button up around her diaper. Gah.
Goes to show that it really isn't necessary to buy a ton of clothing when babies are younger than the age of 1, since they grow like weeds.

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