Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Trials and Milestones from Month 5

Stats -

Weight = 16 lbs 12.5 oz
(How did we get to have a weigh in? Because she contracted another ear infection. Fun times)

She's now on rice cereal and she's feeding herself...well, kinda.

It does make for a VERY messy baby afterwards though...

With 5 months under her belt, she now has her own set of wheels. Watch out world, there's no stopping this little lady!

She's got the rolling round and around down pat. So gone are the days where you can leave her in Spot A and expect her to still be there. And the real trouble is going to start soon, as she's now scootching (is that a word?) her butt, trying to crawl.


She's now very well aware of her surroundings. So much so that when I or my husband leaves the room with her alone, she starts wailing. And I mean wailing.

She's also decided that our bed is THE place to be at night and will proceed to scream until we pick her up and put her next to us, which she will then snuggle up to either one of us and close her eyes. It's cute, but in some other ways, not so much.

Last night was the first night in a veeery long time where she:

(a) fell asleep in her crib

(b) stayed asleep (this is key) for more than 10 seconds. She actually slept for 3 hours. So it was a surprise. (hahahhha - this is me laughing maniacally - to think that I'm ecstatic over 3 hours of sleep....she used to go for a full 8 hours at 2 months)


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Pearly said...

she looks practically estatic and in the seventh heaven with her own set of wheels and going at ........?????mph?