Saturday, May 02, 2009

Slip Into Something...

Lately, I've been on a roll to change the decor of our house...Or rather, I'm finally starting to focus on doing SOMETHING to the house that will prevent it from looking like one of those "Befores" on the HGTV shows. (We are still trying to transition out of that "poor college kid" rut)

Since we live less than a quarter mile from the beach, it's only appropriate that our house should reflect an environment that's airy, carefree and relaxing. Enter the color white.

So as part of this transformation in the living room, while paying attention to the fact that we are on a strict budget this year, I've tried my hand at sewing some slipcovers for our accent chairs that we bought last year (hence, I can't really just junk them and get new ones)


First attempt

Cost of fabric - $20

Verdict - Ugly as heck

Second attempt

I dug out one of the flat sheets from my linen drawer and tried again. Just because. (I don't like failure)

Changed the design slightly, and I thought it came out much better. Ahhh...sigh of contentment.

However, I just realized that the chair is too big for the space that I was going to move it to...So I now have to make a second slipcover if it's to stay in the living room.


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