Thursday, July 01, 2010

Am I Glad She's Talking!

Mornings are always a little harried for me. Trying to get her to go out the door sometimes is a little challenging, as there's always the lure of her toys that's in the living room.

So this morning, after succeeding in buckling her in safely in the car seat, she looks at me and said "Shoo!" Apparently I was so busy congratulating myself for leaving (somewhat) on-time yet again, I've forgotten to ensure that my kid had adequate footwear.

We had a good laugh. Yup, Isabel giggled along with her silly momma...or maybe it was AT her silly momma.Whichever. It was a bonding moment, a sign of all the good times yet to come.

It's moments like these that get me through.


Jenny said...

That's sweet!!

Darnelle said...

Hehe.. *Giggles*